Mayhawk Chocolate

Mayhawk Chocolate (UK)

At Mayhawk we’re different. We make chocolate. It sounds so obvious and so simple but so few “chocolate” companies actually make their own chocolate it’s worth stating. We make ours from natural, sustainable, high quality and ethically traded single origin cacao. And by knowing where all of our ingredients come from, we know what goes into our chocolate. 

Since 2007 we have made our chocolate through a combination of creativity… and an uncompromising habit of tearing up the past and starting again.

This means innovating new methods to bring out more of the vibrant flavours of the cacao bean origin, and finding more ways to create even more harmonious pairings of natural ingredients, which can add something different and unique to our chocolate. We do this so that every detail in our chocolate is crafted to be beautiful and the flavour notes exceptional.