About Us


Bring pleasure and happiness to friends, families and communities through sharing fine and origin chocolates!


• Cult de Choco is founded with passions on chocolates.

• Chocolate makes us feel pleasurable, cheerful, delighted and even falling in love. Chocolate contains antioxidant elements that prevent aging and feeble. The varieties of flavors and aromas infatuate all ages no matter for kids or the elderly.

• Cult de Choco provides choices of fine and origin chocolates. We target at those new and special flavors around the world for your unique characters. The exclusive collections may not be famous brands or large-scale production but the chocolates are made whole-heartedly with passionate effort. Most important is Cult de Choco provides options and knowledge to make chocolate-tasting chic and stylish in your way.

• Cult de Choco hopes not only you enjoy the pleasure in tasting chocolate, your sharing of Cult de Choco’s collections with your friends, families and communities flourishes greater happiness, and likewise, to every corner of our living.

• For those who desire for a bit more than just a bar of chocolate, come and taste the selected quality at Cult de Choco to pursue the essence of devoted passion for making bean-to-bar or tree-to-bar.

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If you are interested in Cult de Choco chocolates, you may drop us a line (info@cultdechoco.com) or find us on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter Thank you!

About the Founder

Jeffrey Lee is an expert in both information system and marketing by profession. With strong passion at chocolate that beginning in his youth, Jeffrey embarked a business aspiration in 2012 and founded Cult de Choco Ltd., with a mission to introduce world-wide quality chocolates to Hong Kong where he is based.   Within two years, he had led his company in becoming the exclusive distributor in Hong Kong and Macau, China for many quality and awarded chocolates from over 10 chocolate markers.

Jeffrey is also keen to share the knowledge of chocolate tasting to others. He is a certified Chocolate Taster (Level 3) and instructor of the International Institute of Chocolate Tasting. He is involved in the judge and grand jury (2013 - 2019) of the International Chocolate Award (World Final and Asia Pacific competition) and Jury of International Cocoa Awards - Cocoa of Excellence (CoEx) 2019.  He facilitated more than 150 chocolate tasting workshops for over 1,500 participants in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.  He is a blogger writing chocolate reviews and related articles, and is the guest speaker of TV and radio broadcasting programs as well as magazine for introduction of chocolate and related knowledge to the public.