Kaitxo Specialty Chocolate

Kaitxo is Koffee and is Chocolate, handcrafted in Balmaseda, Bizkaia, Spain.

It all grew out of our fondness for these exotic products and our passion for making specialty coffees and chocolates. Jon Mikel became interested in coffee in the family cafe.

Since she was young, Raquel enjoyed discovering the best “gourmet” chocolates in the world, tasting them and collecting their packages dreaming of those cocoa plantations. The flavours, the smells, the taste… in our family we love long chats after meals, in which our interest in cuisine is always the focus.

So in 2017 we decided to create our own brand, Kaitxo, to bring you the best coffees and chocolates. We put all the care in the world in preparing each Kaitxo coffee or chocolate and, in turn, we want to value the work of the coffee growers and of all the people working in cocoa plantations.