Svenska Kakaobolaget

We proudly craft premium bean to bar chocolate in the beautiful area of Österlen in the southern part of Sweden. An old brick building from 1893 that used to be the village school is now our chocolate factory.

 We select cacao beans that are full of natural and distinct flavors and we see it as our job to bring those flavors out in the chocolate we make. That is why we slow roast in small batches and keep ingredients to a minimum. We do not compromise when it comes to the taste and purity of our chocolate.

We travel around the world in search of extraordinary cacao and we partner with producers who share our values and view on quality. We always source fair, sustainable and traceable cacao in a transparent way.

Discover for yourself how flavorful cacao can be. Our hope is that you will find every bite of our chocolate truly surprising.


我們榮幸地可以在瑞典南部這美麗地區Österlen,以工匠方式原豆製造(bean to bar)朱古力,就在一座在1893年以舊磚建成曾是鄉村學校,改為現在的朱古力工廠。


 我們到訪世界各地去尋找非一般的可可豆,以及與可可豆供應者合作,分享我們的價值觀及對品質的要求。 我們經常以公開透明途徑,去搜尋公平,可持續及可追溯來源的可可豆。 大家就來發掘可可豆風味的可能性,我們期望你每吃一口我們製的朱古力都是帶有驚喜。