Qantu Chocolate

Qantu is the Discovery of the Purest Cocoa Flavours

The founders, Elfi and Maxime, scour Peru seeking heirloom cocoa beans with exceptional flavors. In their workshop, they transform the beans into a pure bliss that will never fail to surprise your palate and your soul.

Micro-Batch Production

From our workshop located in Montreal, we hand craft our chocolate with great attention to detail. From roasting to moulding, we seek to offer a high quality product that will surprise you at every bite.

Heirloom Cocoa Beans

We use only heirloom cocoa beans, which originates from a specific region without being genetically modified or crossed. In addition to foster biodiversity, heirloom cocoa offers much more complex flavors that enable the elaboration of world-class specialty chocolates.

Direct Trade

All the cocoa used at Qantu is bought directly from cooperatives with whom we have built strong partnerships. No broker services are used for buying or transport. We visit, we buy and we import our cocoa beans.