Jaws & Claws Chocolate

Jaws & Claws Chocolate

The calm and peaceful sound of nature resonates and fills the bosom of north Borneo-Sabah and tucked in a distant corner of the Land Below the Wind. Lies Jaws & Claws Chocolate, where its founders, Josephine and Kathy, keep the tradition of 2-ingredients chocolate making alive. They devote themselves to making incredible single estate chocolate bars made from cacao grown in Malaysia and mainly from Sabah. Every bar is handcrafted from scratch with quality cacao beans directly sourced from Malaysian growers that they trust and respect.

While the cacao beans used are directly sourced from their partners consisting local beans producers. Jaws & Claws Chocolate also has their own fermentory and works hand in hand with a group of cacao growers in Malaysia to produce their own fermented cacao beans.

Chocolate with Character

We believe in the unique character of each cacao origin in terms of taste, smell, colour and texture. Different terroir and variety of cacao bean highlights different flavor profiles.

Made only with two ingredients – roasted cacao beans and cane sugar, we aim to bring out the specific profiles and character present in each origin. The single estate bars curated by us express exactly this intention. You will find nuances of berries, citrus, nuts, flowers, honey and other flavor profiles, all balanced in a delicate and chocolatey base.