Mother's Day 60%
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Mother's Day 60%

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Mother’s Day Chocolate Bar 60%
A bar within a bar experience … Using our Bar 7 double-fermented chocolate (fermented with fresh strawberries and raspberries) we added into the chocolate moulds a smaller (different) chocolate bar to the back of the melted chocolate. The smaller bar is made of a wonderfully smooth Hazelnut and Almond gianduja chocolate.

By combining these two chocolates (as a bar within a bar) we have made a “Bramble” bar with the star ingredients often found in British hedgerow. Craft chocolate at its finest.

Ingredients: Cocoa Mass (Cocoa Beans), Cane Sugar (Unrefined), Cocoa Butter, Hazelnuts (Nuts), Almonds (Nuts), Strawberries, Raspberries, Maple Sugar (Unrefined), Vanilla (Vanilla Beans)

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