Uganda 90% - Semuliki Forest Cacao
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Uganda 90% - Semuliki Forest Cacao

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A dark chocolate with fruity notes of banana bread, orange and cinnamon.

 The genetics of the cacao are mainly a blend of Trinitario and Amelonado varieties. The cacao grows in the Bundibugyo district of western Uganda neighboring Semuliki National Park. The elevation is over 850 m above sea level with more than 1000 mm of rain per year and fertile soils.

 The beans are centrally fermented by Semuliki Forest Cacao for up to seven days in a paired box system and then sun dried on raised beds. Fresh cacao is bought at a premium price from more than 1000 growers, of which the majority are women. The growers receive much needed cash on delivery at rural collection points near the farms. In addition Semuliki Forest Cacao helps with financial literacy and promotes organic agroforestry practices.

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