Tujikomboe 75%
Tujikomboe 75%
Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé

Tujikomboe 75%

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The name means "Be Strong" in Swahili. It is a little cocoa producer group close to the tiny village of Mababu in Tanzania. You can find the aromas of banana and beer in this nice purple colored dark chocolate.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, cocoa cont. min. 75%

“Tujikomboe”這名字在非洲斯瓦希里語(Swahili)中,代表”變得剛強”。這是在坦桑尼亞Mababu小村莊中一個小型可可豆生產組織。 你可在這個紫色黑朱古力中,嚐試到香蕉及啤酒般的風味!

成份: 可可豆、有機蔗糖、有機可可脂。

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