Piura Porcelana, Peru 75% Couverture
Original Beans

Piura Porcelana, Peru 75% Couverture

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2000 g

Organic chocolate from ultra-rare white cacao Piura River Valley, Peruvian Andes.

Original Beans discovered this ultra-rare white cacao in the Piura River Valley of Northern Peru in 2007. Due to its lively fruit flavours, it has become one of the best awarded international beans. With a cacao content of 75% and a 22-hour conch, Original Beans presents a very elegant yet luscious dark chocolate with notes of lime, raspberry and roasted nuts. The conservation objective here is reforesting the nearby mountain slopes to restore a stable water supply of this dry land.

Ingredients: Direct-trade cacao beans*, cacao butter*, raw cane sugar*

(*Certified Organic)

祕魯Piura Porcelana朱古力75% (有機)


2007Original Beans在秘魯北部的Piura River村落發現了 極稀罕的白色可可可豆。因著近乎生果的風味,而獲得獎項為Best International Cacao Bean之一。以可可含量75%22小時研磨的時間,Original Beans製造出這優美而甘香的朱古力,帶有青檸、山莓及烤焗堅果的風味。保護森林目的是在山坡上重新種植使乾地上恢復穩定水源。

成份: 直接貿易可可豆*、可可脂*、天然蔗糖*。 (*有機認可)

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