Beni Wild Harvest, Bolivia 66% Couverture
Original Beans

Beni Wild Harvest, Bolivia 66% Couverture

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2000 g

Hand-picked wild cacao growing in the Beni Savannah, Bolivian Amazon

The Beniano is an endemic wild cacao variety that grows on the cacao forest islands in the Bolivian Amazon, where it is harvested by indigenous collectors. This exceptional dark chocolate has a cacao content of 66% and is conched for 24 hours. It is delicate, yet expressive—with notes of floral honey, apricot, and a hint of jasmine.

Original Beans supports the preservation of wild forests and cacao stocks.

Ingredients: direct-trade Wild cacao beans, cacao butter*, organic cane sugar* *Certified Organic

玻利維亞Beni Wild Harvest朱古力 66% (有機) 世上首個Fair-Wild可可豆

玻利維亞亞馬遜Beni Sacannah地區,以人手方法採摘野生可可豆。

Beniano野生可可豆是種植於 玻利維亞亞馬遜地區的可可雨林島上,由一班辛勤的採摘人收集。與別不同的黑朱力有66%可可含量,及以24小時來研磨。


Original Beans支持保育野生天然森林及可可豆生產。

成份: 野生可可豆、可可脂*、有機蔗糖*。  (*有機認可)

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