Marou Cacao Powder (1 kg)
Marou Cacao Powder (1 kg)
Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat

Marou Cacao Powder (1 kg)

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We decided to make our cacao powder in a natural way.

Our pure, non-alkalised cacao powder retains all of the distinct subtleties that are recognized in our award-winning chocolate. We press the cacao powder ourselves and it’s an all-natural process: our powder is neither heat-treated nor mixed with chemicals (as is the case for all alkalized or ‘Dutch-processed’ cacao powders), this means that our cacao powder retains more beneficial substances (flavanol antioxidants).

We believe that this purity of flavor will make the difference in any cacao drink, cake or pastry recipe.

Ingredients: 100% cacao

我們決定以自然方法製造自家的可可粉。我們的純正非鹼化可可粉保留所有在我們獲獎朱古力中的獨特細緻風味。我們自家壓製可可粉,是以自然製造過程,可可粉不會是以高溫處理或加入化學原料 (因為在所有鹼化或’ ‘Dutch-processed’的可可粉都是有化學原料的),即是我們的可可粉保留更多有益的物質如黃烷醇抗氧化物等)


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