Milk Chocolate Tanzania 60% + Sheep Milk
Milk Chocolate Tanzania 60% + Sheep Milk
Feitoria do Cacao

Milk Chocolate Tanzania 60% + Sheep Milk

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The Kilombero valley, in central Tanzania, is a fertile wetland, also known as rice land. The cacao that grows in this area, has a particular character due to the very fruity and vibrant acidity that provides a great impact, with rustic nuances like hay or herbs.

Feitoria do Cacao combined this characteristic cocoa with sweet and intensity of sheep milk. After melting gently in the mouth with its sweetness characteristic of sheep's milk, it develops a rich and deeply complex palate by its sensorial duet with cacao. The slight acidity ends with a divine harmony. It is suggested to pair with cheese or fortified wine.

Ingredients: Tanzanian Cocoa Beans, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter and Sheep Milk (Origin: Spain). Cocoa Minimum: 60%

 在坦桑尼亞中部的Kilombero,是一個肥沃濕地,亦稱為大米之地。在此種植的可可,帶有獨特個性,富有果味及解明的酸度,與鄉村般的乾草及草藥帶來沖擊。 Feitoria do Cacao 就將這可可特性,結合又濃又甜的羊奶的朱古力,當朱古力與甜美羊奶在口中慢慢溶化後,就會與可可在口腔中引發出豐富及複雜的二重奏感覺,尾段還有微微而和諧的酸味。這個是建議與芝士或fortified葡萄酒配搭一同享用。

 成份: 可可豆 (坦桑尼亞)、蔗糖、可可脂、羊奶粉(西班牙)

可可含量最少: 60%

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