Sao Tome 72% + Fleur du Sel (Sea Salt)
Sao Tome 72% + Fleur du Sel (Sea Salt)
Feitoria do Cacao

Sao Tome 72% + Fleur du Sel (Sea Salt)

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At the beginning of the 19th century, cocoa in Latin America was first taken to São Tomé and Príncipe by the Portuguese, and since then, large cocoa plantations had begun in Africa. São Tomé's cacao, with which we share

portuguese history of discoveries, met the Atlantic Fleur du Sel.

This Fleur du Sel is produced in Aveiro, the city where the FEITORIA DO CACAO is located, and where, until today, all work is done by hand to collect only the surface salts, the best of sea salt. In the intense and fruity flavor of 72% dark chocolate, the salt grains add an ocean-flavored divine singularity. Thus, with this combination, an irresistible taste is achieved.

Ingredients: São Tomé and Príncipe cocoa beans, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter and Aveiro Fleur du Sel. Cocoa

Minimum: 72%

 在19世紀初,可可從拉丁美洲首先到達 葡萄牙屬土聖多美,從此之後,大量可可樹在非洲各地種植。聖多美的可可豆,加入大西洋的海鹽,來讓我們分享葡萄牙人的探索歷史。 海鹽是從葡萄牙Aveiro城市來的,亦是Feitoria do Cacao所在之地,直至現今,仍是以人手收集表層海鹽,亦是最優質的海鹽。 與濃郁及果味豐富的72%黑朱古力,加入的海鹽帶出極好的海洋風味,配合出難以抗拒的味道。

 成份: 可可豆 (聖多美)、蔗糖、可可脂、海鹽 (Aveiro)

可可含量最少: 72%

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