Peru Maranon72%
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Peru Maranon72%

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It is one of the rarest cacaos in the World; not only for its extraordinary quality, but also for its legendary history. Until the early twentieth century, there was a variety of exceptional cocoa in Ecuador, it was called Puro Nacional, considered extinct by disease, about 100 years ago. In 2009, Dan Pearson and Brian Horsely discovered rare cacao trees in the Maranon valley of Peru. After DNA analysis, it was confirmed by USDA’s Dr. Lyndel Meinhardt that their beans were identical to those of the disappeared ancestral cocoa, the Puro Nacional.

This rare fruit grows above 1000 meters of altitude, with 40% white beans that provide its elegance and complexity. Begins with a very fragrant aroma of orange flower, sandalwood and muscat grapes, it fills the palate with hints of liqueur wine, Earl Gray tea, showing it’ s creaminess with pinion flavours in a very deep and prolonged end. It’s an extremely fascinating, even mind-boggling chocolate.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans from Peru, Cane Sugar and Cocoa Butter. Cocoa Minimum: 72%

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