Milk Chocolate Nicaragua 57 % + Nibs
Milk Chocolate Nicaragua 57 % + Nibs
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Milk Chocolate Nicaragua 57 % + Nibs

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Nicaragua's cocoa, sweet and dense with notes of raisins and nuts such as peanuts or hazelnuts, met milk on this chocolate bar. Being "Milk Chocolate", the cocoa content is quite high, in this case the role of milk is only softening the intensity of the cocoa and giving richness to the palate.

It melts in the mouth like butter, immediately filling the mouth with its velvety texture. It has a perfect harmony between the deep bitterness of the cocoa and the rich and soft flavor of the milk. Nibs still add a crisp, aromatic touch that rewards texture and feel. Pairs well with espresso coffee or “caffe latte”, but with stout beer will be a pleasant surprise.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans from Nicaragua, Cocoa Butter, Cane Sugar, Skim and Whole Milk Powder (Origin: Portugal / Açõres). Cocoa Minimum 57%

 尼加拉瓜可可豆的甜美,與帶有葡萄乾及如花生及榛子果仁般的風味,遇上牛奶成為這款朱古力。作為牛奶朱古力,可可成份也為高,在這情況下牛奶的作用是柔和可可的濃度及提供豐富口感。溶在口中就像牛油般,隨即在口中有絲柔般的質感。這朱古力是把可可的苦澀及牛奶的柔和結合成極好和諧的味道。 可可仁還加上一點脆口感,香味令質感及感覺更上一個層次。 非常合適配搭濃縮咖啡或鮮奶咖啡,但與stout啤酒配搭更是一個驚喜。

成份: 可可豆 (尼加拉瓜)、可可脂、蔗糖、低脂及全脂奶粉 (葡萄牙Azores)

可可含量最少: 76%

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