Dark chocolate India 72% + Mandarin Orange & Cayenne Pepper
Dark chocolate India 72% + Mandarin Orange & Cayenne Pepper
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Dark chocolate India 72% + Mandarin Orange & Cayenne Pepper

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India 72% + Mandarin Orange & Cayenne Pepper

One of the most important roles of Portuguese navigators at the age of discovery, was undoubtedly, the sensational globalization of gastronomic culture. In the 15th century, the chili pepper that Christopher Columbus brought from Latin America was spread by the Portuguese in Europe, and beyond. According to one of the historical theories, Portuguese took this spice to India, crossing Macau, also to China and even Japan. The Portuguese introduced sweet oranges from China to Europe in the 16th century. The tangerine was later, in the 19th century, imported by the English into Europe, then the Portuguese distributed this fruit to Brazil.

Mandarin Orange and Cayenne Pepper. To incorporate these exotic ingredients, we chose Dark Chocolate India 72%, with a ripe citrus note and a structured body. In addition to bring the perfect profile to the recipe, the origin of this cocoa is Kerala region, that was formerly part of the Portuguese state of India.

It's a chocolate to honor Portuguese history, and the countries and the regions, that generously exchanged their relics, which even today, continue to enrich our table



橘子及辣椒 ~ 要包括這異國情調的成份,我們選擇了帶有成熟柑橘風味的印度72%黑朱古力,為整個朱古力創作更完美,加上這個可可豆的產區Kerala,早期曾經都是葡萄牙國家的地方。整個朱古力的創作就像紀念葡萄牙歷史般,交織出不同國家各地區留下最好的材料,即使在現在,繼續豐富大家的餐桌。

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