Costa Rica Maleku 76%
Costa Rica Maleku 76%
Feitoria do Cacao

Costa Rica Maleku 76%

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Set between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, influenced by the volcanic mountain range in the center of the country, Costa Rica still preserves great wealth in its  nature and is recognized for being one of the most developed countries in the protection of the environment.

Upala cocoa, near the border with Nicaragua, has a sweet and soft profile like toffee or milk caramel, and a creamy flavour with nuances of coffee and walnuts, providing depth and complexity to this chocolate bar.

The best pairing will be with intense coffee, matcha tea or some sweets made with nuts or bananas.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans from Costa Rica, Cane Sugar and Cocoa Butter.

Cocoa Minimum: 76%

 在太平洋與加勒比海之間,受到火山帶影響,哥斯達黎加仍然保留豐富天然資源,和被公認為發展國家中最保護環境。 Upala 可可豆,附近是尼加拉瓜的邊境,有著甜美及柔和的特質,如toffee或牛奶焦糖,及奶油風味般的咖啡及堅果,促使朱古力複雜而多層次的風味。最好的配搭就是咖啡、綠茶或一些有果仁或香蕉的甜品。

成份: 可可豆 (哥斯達黎加)、蔗糖、可可脂。

可可含量最少: 76%

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