Milk Chocolate Colombia 58% + Colombia Coffee
Milk Chocolate Colombia 58% + Colombia Coffee
Feitoria do Cacao

Milk Chocolate Colombia 58% + Colombia Coffee

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In Tumaco, located on the western coast of Colombia, also known as "Pearl of the Pacific" are cacao trees protected by tall native trees with thick trunk. We combine this cocoa with smoky and mineral touch, with specialty coffee from Colombia - Huila, by the hands of LUSO COFFEE ROASTERS. The contrast between the rich and soft taste of milk chocolate and the fresh bitterness of medium-light roasted coffee with the crunchy texture of coarsely ground, provides the perfect balance and gradual complexity in the mouth. It is a very glamorous chocolate, where you can enjoy two Colombian jewellery, cocoa and coffee, in a single chocolate bar.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans from Colombia, Cocoa Butter, Cane Sugar, Skim and Whole Milk Powder (Origin: Portugal/Azores) and Coffee.

Cocoa Minimum: 58%

在哥倫比亞西岸的Tumaco, 有稱為”太平洋真珠”,可可樹都都被高高的原生大樹保護。我們把這煙燻及礦物般的可可,結合由LUSO COFFEE ROASTERS烘焙的哥倫比亞Huila咖啡,又濃又滑的牛奶,與帶微甘味中低烘焙咖啡,研磨出粗糙質感形成對比,在品嚐時漸漸又成一個平均口感。這富有魅力的朱古力,大家可以同時享受哥倫比亞兩個瑰寶:可可和咖啡,就在一口朱古力中。

成份: 可可豆 (哥倫比亞)、可可脂、蔗糖、低脂及全脂奶粉 (葡萄牙Azores)、咖啡。

可可含量最少: 58%

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