Belize  Black 100%
Belize  Black 100%
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Belize Black 100%

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80 g

One hundred percent pure cacao. We’ve carefully reduced the acidity and added a little organic cocoa butter. In partnership with Uncommon Cacao we are helping to maintain biodiversity in Belize through careful organic agroforestry.

Cocoa Content 100%

Ingredients: cacao beans*, cocoa butter*

*Certified organic ingredient | Weight 80g

Made in a factory that handles dairy and nuts


百分百純可可豆。我們謹慎地減低可可豆中的酸度及加一些有機可可脂。與Uncommon Cacao合作下,透過有機農林業,我們幫助支持在伯利茲的生態多樣。


成份: 可可豆*,可可脂*。80 克


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