Zoque 88%, Selva Zoque, Mexico
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Zoque 88%, Selva Zoque, Mexico

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Tropical aromas of lychee and coconut in this select tribal Tabasqueño cacao have lifted the spirits of local Zoque and Tzotzil tribes for 4000 years.

Overcoming centuries of oppression, the indigenous Zoque and Tzotzil tribes with whom we make this chocolate have stayed true to their spirited traditions in the Selva Zoque, the largest rainforest in Mexico. The ancient Zoque made their forest, or “selva”, the birthplace of all cacao when they gave it a name, “kakaw”, and a god, the cacao-eating spider monkey. Each sale of Zoque 88% helps revive these 4000 year-old traditions and the animals (such as the jaguar) they celebrate.

 Ingredients: Ingredients: cacao mass, raw cane sugar* (cacao 88% minimum) (*Certified Organic)

Store in a cool and dry place between 16 degree celsius and 18 degree celsius away from light.

熱帶地區風味像荔枝及椰子般,在部落Tabasqueño 可可豆遺留著4000年土著Zoque及Tzotzil部落的精神。

迎難面對多個世紀以來的壓迫,Zoque及Tzotzil部落土著在墨西哥最大的雨林Selva Zoque地區,仍保持原有真實的堅強傳統。古代Zoque創造森林或是”selva”,即在可可的誕生地,當時可可已給予”kakaw”的名稱,及一位神~名為”吃可可果的蜘蛛猴”。每銷售一排Zoque 88%會幫助復興這4000年的傳統及那些動物(如美洲虎)。

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