Dark & Stormy - Rum soaked stem ginger & raisins 70%
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Dark & Stormy - Rum soaked stem ginger & raisins 70%

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90 g
Dark & Stormy
70% Cacao.  Spice Dark Chocolate with rum soaked stem ginger & flame raisins.

This is a 70% spiced dark-chocolate bar. We craft this dark chocolate to have a wonderful top note complexity of ginger, lime and cinnamon, this is to compliment the magical deeper notes of dark molasses and rum. To this spiced dark chocolate, we add large pieces of rum soaked stem-ginger and flame raisins for an enjoyable, delightful, and satisfying indulgence.

Ingredients: Cocoa Mass (Cocoa Beans), Cane Sugar (Unrefined), Cocoa Butter, Molasses Sugar, Candied Ginger (Stem Ginger, Sugar, Rum), Dried Flame Raisins (Raisins, Rum), Spiced Rum (1.5%) (Alc 35% Vol), Vanilla (Vanilla Beans), Natural Flavourings (Spice Blend), Lime Oil (Natural Oil)

Vegan / Soya Lecithin Free

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