Almonds & Raspberries 61%
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Almonds & Raspberries 61%

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Almonds & Raspberries 61%

This bar is all about ‘balance’. We made a 61% white and dark chocolate bar with raspberries and almonds. We designed it in the initial stages of our development so that when we made the white chocolate we could swirl in the almond and raspberry pieces for both texture and flavour. However, to create a contrast in the tasting notes this white chocolate is then coated with dark chocolate to balance the sweetness.

Ingredients: Cocoa Mass (Cocoa Beans), Cane Sugar (Unrefined), Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder (Milk), Almonds (Nuts), Maple Sugar (Unrefined), Vanilla (Vanilla Beans), Raspberries (Freeze-Dried).

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