La Dalia 100%
La Dalia 100%
Friis-Holm Chokolade

La Dalia 100%

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25 g

Made with beans from 10 growers in The La Dalia Region of Nicaragua. They grow a mix of our single bean varieties, but also add pods from unknow old heritage trees growing in their orchards – and they refuse to sort the pods when they harvest! Although we usually encourage separate fermentation, this mix works a unique magic, one of the best we have ever tasted. Its strong aromatic acidity and floral sweetness reveal a true grower’s blend.

用了在尼加拉瓜La Dalia地區的十個可可農民的可可豆。他們把原本是種植六款單一品種可可豆,但他們在可可果園加入了些不知名的古老品種可可樹一同種植,以及他們拒絕把收成的可可果分類。雖然我們鼓勵分開處理發酵,但這合方法造出魔法般,是我們品嚐過中最好之一的朱古力。這朱古力強烈芳香的果酸及花一般的甜,盡顯出由可可種植農民併配的特性。

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