Belize Maya Mountain 75%
Belize Maya Mountain 75%
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Belize Maya Mountain 75%

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80 g

Pre-historic coral reef over millions of years became the bedrock and soil of Belize, creating a unique terroir. Criollo hybrid cacao grows nestled in the Maya Mountains, where biodiversity is being preserved by organic agroforestry.

Cocoa Content 75%

Ingredients: cacao beans*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*

 由史前數百萬年的珊瑚礁 變成現在岩石及泥土的伯利茲,創造出獨有風土。Criollo合種的可可豆成長在Maya山脈中,此處也是有機農林業保育下生態多樣性地區。


成份: 可可豆*、蔗糖*、可可脂*。80 克


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