Chuncho-Cuzco 70%
Chuncho-Cuzco 70%

Chuncho-Cuzco 70%

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In the Cuzco region we find our ‘Chuncho” cacao, that is becoming better known for its complex flavours. With this chocolate we may have created what the Incas could have achieved with their cacao. Chuncho cacao grows relatively near Machu Picchu, considered one of the new 7 wonder of the world. Inspiring us to make this chocolate that offers some deliciously sweet fruit flavours at the outset that slwoing dissipate to leave a light herbal freshness.

Ingredients: cocoa paste (Theobroma cacao), sugar, cocoa butter.

 This product was produced in a facility that also processes milk, nuts and/or peanuts.

 在秘魯Cuzco地區我們找尋到以複雜風味見稱的”Chuncho”可可豆,我們創製這朱古力,就像印加人怎樣利用這可可豆。 Chuncho可可種植在近馬丘比丘地區,就會世界七大奇景之一。啟發我們製造這朱古力,帶有美味果甜風味,慢慢地就流露出一絲絲的清新山草。

成份: 可可漿、糖可可脂。

Store in a cool place from 16℃ to 18℃

International Chocolate Awards 2021-22 World Final · Silver

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