Rum Pineapple Coconut 75% (40g)
Rum Pineapple Coconut 75% (40g)
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Rum Pineapple Coconut 75% (40g)

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40 g

The unofficial national cocktail of Belize, a sweet Caribbean concoction with an eyebrow raising title. To reflect the party loving, easy going spirit of this culturally diverse part of the world we’ve soaked pineapple and coconut in dark rum, then mixed it through dark chocolate made from pure Belizean cacao.

Cocoa Content 75%

Ingredients: cacao beans*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, Rum, Pineapple, Coconut.

朗姆酒菠蘿椰子黑朱古力 75%

非正式伯利茲國家雞尾酒,一款令你 驚喜的加勒比甜味藥酒。我們把菠蘿椰子浸泡在這款令你陶醉宴樂易於入口的朗姆酒中,之後與伯利茲可可豆製造的朱古力混合在一起。


成份: 可可豆*、蔗糖*、可可脂*、朗姆酒、菠蘿、椰子。


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