Pisco Sour Nibs 70% (40g)
Pisco Sour Nibs 70% (40g)
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Pisco Sour Nibs 70% (40g)

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40 g

he classic cocktail of Peru Pisco, lime and bitters infused into ultra-premium cacao nibs from the Chililique community of Piura, blended through organic chocolate of the same origin. A delicious burst of citrus & cacao will have you flying higher than a wild Andean mountain llama.

Cocoa Content 70%

Ingredients: cacao beans*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, Pisco, lime, bitters, citric acid.

*Certified organic ingredient


Pisco 酸酒可可仁朱古力70%

秘魯經典雞尾酒Pisco Sour,青檸及苦澀味滲透在從Piura Chililique地區極好品質的可可仁中,再與同地區的有機朱古力混和。極惹味的柑橘及可可風味,或令你像野生安第斯山脈駱駝般跳起。



成份: 可可豆*、蔗糖*、可可脂*、Pisco酒、青檸、苦味粉、檸檬酸。

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