Mexican Stoneground 80%
Mexican Stoneground 80%
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Mexican Stoneground 80%

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80 g

That from Tabascao come, with heritage of Mayan blood, where ground cacao gave a new meaning to water.” (Carlos Pellicer).

This dark spicy chocolate is made in an authentic Mexican traditional style, using the ancient criollo hybrid cacao of Tabasqueño.

Cocoa Content 80%

Ingredients: cacao beans*, cane sugar*, cinnamon*, nutmeg*, black pepper*, chilli*

*Certified organic ingredient | Weight 80g

墨西哥 (傳統粗磨) 黑朱古力 80%



成份: 可可豆*、蔗糖*、肉桂*、肉荳蔻*、黑胡椒、辣椒*。80 克


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