Mezcal Nibs 70% (40g)
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Mezcal Nibs 70% (40g)

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40 g

Dark Chocolate Mezcal nibs 70%

400 years ago, the Spanish conquistadors discovered a love for cacao in Mexico and they also taught distillation to the Aztecs. We have soaked the ancient criollo hybrid cacao of Tabasqueño in Mezcal, the agave spirit, to bring you a chocolate with deep rich notes of bloodlust, agave, and smoke

Cocoa Content 70%

Ingredients: cacao beans*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, Mezcal


400年前西班牙人征服者發現墨西哥喜愛的可可,還教授阿茲特克人有關蒸餾技術。 我們把古老Tabasqueño的Criollo接合可可豆浸泡在Mezcal龍舌蘭酒中, 朱古力為你帶來濃郁的龍舌蘭、煙及嗜血般的風味。


成份: 可可豆*、蔗糖*、可可脂*、Mezcal龍舌蘭酒。



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