Coconut Milk 55% (40g)
Coconut Milk 55% (40g)
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Coconut Milk 55% (40g)

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40 g

An ALTERNATIVE to dairy and traditional cane sugar, made using natural coconut milk and organic coconut sugar.

Delicate, soft coconut with a delicious earthy finish. Enjoy on it's own in place of dairy chocolate.

Milk’ chocolate made without dairy or cane sugar. We use natural coconut alternatives. It still packs a healthy cocoa punch at 55% cocoa content, so open your mind to innovation and get ready to enjoy something new.

Ingredients: Cacao beans, organic coconut sugar, coconut milk, cocoa butter, maltodextrin, tapioca syrup.

Cocoa content 55%

Nuts, dairy, cane sugar and soy are used in our factory.

椰奶朱古力 55% (不含牛乳及蔗糖)


這”奶類朱古力”是沒有牛乳及蔗糖。我們用上天然椰子來代替。這個健康組合以 55%的可可含量來打造,開放故有想法來接受及享受這新穎朱古力。

成份: 可可豆、有機椰糖、椰奶,可可脂、麥芽糊精、木薯澱粉糖漿。

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